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Hearfield Research Ltd. Superior Webdesign.

Pokorny GesmbH Electrical installations, network installations and special purpose devices.

ict-expert is ...

a service provider in the areas of Management Consulting and Information and Communication Technology. We are based in Vienna, Austria, our services are available also internationally.

What we offer you:

Knowledge, international experience, flexibility, precision, reliability and punctuality,

Our goals are:

Lasting partnerships with our customers. We contribute the willingness and capability to solve your requirements with utmost quality at reasonable cost.

Our services:

1 - ICT Architecture - not yet translated
2 - Seminars for users, experts and management staff - not yet translated
3 - Auditing services
4 - Network services
5 - Disposal of hardware and office equipment
6 - Data recovery
7 - Data conversion
8 - Rental offers
9 - Other services


o is independent of specific manufacturers
o actively supports implementation and usage of select Open Source and Freeware products
o only accepts assignments that can be completed in time and according to our quality standards

o has no small customers. And no big ones either. Only satisfied customers.

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