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Notebook/Laptop Repairs

We provide repair services for notebooks and laptops.

Cost Estimates

Cost estimates for notebook/laptop repairs are charged with a lump sum of EUR 36 incl. VAT. The cost estimate is free in case that ict-expert is tasked with the repair of the device as per the cost estimate.

We explicitly advise you whether the repair is feasible in an economic way.

The cost estimate is non-refundable if the failure condition cannot be reproduced during the test

Labour cost to reset passwords on the device or the operating system required to produce a cost estimate will be charged at our normal rates; these costs are non-refundable.

Device specifice spare parts

Device specific spare parts needed to conduct the repair are to be paid in advance.

Average duration of repair

Repairs take on average between three and five working days if necessary spare parts are on stock.

Spare or replacement parts that are not on stock can usually be obtained in a time frame of two to ten days.

24 hours repair

Repairs can be conducted at the request of the customer within a time frame of 24 hours. A surcharge of 50% of the total quoted price in the cost estimate will be invoiced. Should the repair take longer, we will not invoice the surcharge.

What we need ...

Provision of the notebook to our workshop address
BIOS/Setup/Power-On passwords if used
Harddisk password - needed for newer IBM Thinkpad notebooks
Name and password of the administrator account
Powersupply, battery and all needed cables
Manufacturer's restoration CD(s) and/or DVD(s) if available
Any other ancillaries necessary to operate the device or reproduce the failure condition
Your name, address, e-mail & telephone number
Desription of problem - the better the desciption, the faster we can provide you with a cost estimate

If device or account passwords are unknown, we kindly request that you submit proof of ownership, e.g., a copy of the original invoice.


If your notebook had contact with any liquids, power off immediately, disconnect the power supply and remove the battery. Your chances of having the notebook repaired without the need to purchase replacement parts improve if we get the notebook quickly.

Conduct backups regularly.

Use only the original power supply.

Never disassemble a notebook yourself.

If your notebook becomes very hot, its life expectancy decreases rapidly. Defective fans need to be replaced immediately.

Avoid using the notebook in dusty environments.

Never block ventilation holes!!

- Have a look at our lump sum offers, in case of questions, please contact us here